Ringleader Ventures in a Nutshell

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1. David & Goliath, Inc. We partner with established Russell 3000 corporations (i.e., "Goliaths") who feel stuck. That is, they acknowledge their vulnerability to looming, technology-driven disruption. Armed with an intimate understanding of Goliath's needs, we discover unexpected early-stage startups that have knowingly, or even unwittingly, built a solution. By partnering with, investing in, or acquiring these startups (i.e., "Davids"), Goliath is able to share in David's eventual success.

2. We Lead with Need: Venture funds typically follow a “spray and pray” approach: Spraying money at the latest and loudest technology trends, and praying that they happen upon the next Facebook, Uber, or AirBnB. RLV has invented a "lead with need" methodology. By anchoring our investment selections around qualified, quantified corporate needs, we’re able to separate signal from noise and build a distinctive, high-value venture portfolio that targets accelerated liquidity and exceptional returns.

3. We Fish in Different Ponds: Because we're demand-driven, not supply-side, we can broaden our treasure hunt to adjacent sectors. The next great insurance play might currently think they're a real-estate startup. The next great healthcare innovation might think they're an AI company; or maybe an education app. We work to see things in early-stage startups they don't yet see in themselves, which dramatically broadens, and differentiates, our deal-flow.


For Enterprises

Harvard Business Review, in their exploration of Corporate Venturing, concluded that firms with an eye toward non-traditional growth and/or improved margins ought to consider moving beyond traditional R&D, and toward the establishment of an internal venturing arm. That said, HBR is not the first to note that, for many reasons, internally managed venture arms are notoriously difficult to establish, and harder still to sustain.

Here's where Ringleader Ventures can help:

We aim to be your corporate venturing partner. We've built a venturing model that starts with your business strategy, and follows through with financial returns.



Our team has decades of experience at the intersection of entrepreneurship and corporate innovation. We specialize in separating signal from noise when it comes in today's crowded startup landscape. There's more "show" than "go" out there. We've lived the difference.



"You can't read the label when you're stuck inside the jar." That's our way of saying that sometimes, your company's internal expertise sometimes gets in your way. Our critical distance lets us think about your stickiest business problems from a customer-centric, "outside the jar" point of view.

Photo by porpeller/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by porpeller/iStock / Getty Images

Uncharted Territory 

Because we run in different circles than the typical enterprise executive, and for that matter, the typical VC, our team sees different things, and sees those things differently. We pride ourselves in being able to discover non-obvious startup solutions to your stickiest enterprise challenges in the most unexpected places.

Interested in working with RLV? Contact us at info@ringleaderventures.com


For Entrepreneurs


We get it...

You've begun to build something special here.

Just as importantly, you've got the desire and the motor to change the world with it.

There's only one catch: Resources are tight, competitors are popping out of the woodwork, and no amount of midnight oil is going to change the fact that you could use some help.


Here's where Ringleader Ventures comes in.

We don't think of ourselves as a traditional investor. We're also a catalyst: Out to create a reaction between you and an established corporation that could turbo-charge your trajectory. Our founders and core team are ourselves proven entrepreneurs who've created and grown ideas, just like yours, into successful, lucrative businesses. Since we grew up on "your side of the table", we share a belief that is surprisingly unorthodox among the venture community:

Success isn't about trading away your company for round after round of investment. The name of the game is, and always has been, developing a profitable business.

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The secret? It's not so secret:
Get traction with lots of satisfied, paying customers.

In our experience, the quickest, highest probability path to sustainable growth and profitability is to find a strategic fit with a household name partner with an itch that you can uniquely scratch. While our model is novel, it's pretty straightforward: In addition to writing a check, we partner with you to maximize your strategic relevance to established corporations whose cash and customers could help you change the world faster. 

Maybe you'll get acquired earlier than you thought. Maybe you'll land a significant co-investment from a household name. Maybe you'll simply land a whale of a B2B customer, or a serious B2C channel partner. All positive outcomes.

In just about all cases, we think new ideas are at their strongest when they're addressing big problems, held by big players, with big pocketbooks. Drop us a line, and we'd be happy to see if there's an enterprise itch looking for a startup like yours to scratch it.