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Harvard Business Review, in their October 2013 issue, explored the ins and outs of Corporate Venturing. The central premise of that article: Firms with an eye toward growth and/or improved margins ought to consider moving beyond traditional R&D, and toward the establishment of an internal venturing arm. That said, HBR is not the first to note that, for many reasons, internally managed venture arms are notoriously difficult to establish, and harder still to sustain.

Here's where Ringleader Ventures can help:

Ringleader Ventures is well-positioned to serve as your firm's outsourced corporate venturing partner. By leading with your (and your customers') needs, we ensure strategic alignment. We follow through with a focus on financial returns.



Our team has decades of experience at the intersection of entrepreneurship and corporate innovation. We specialize in separating signal from noise when it comes in today's crowded startup landscape. There's more "show" than "go" out there. We've lived the difference.



"You can't read the label when you're stuck inside the jar." That's our way of saying that sometimes, your company's expertise actually gets in your way. Our civilian distance lets us think about your stickiest business problems from a critical, "outside the jar" point of view.

Photo by porpeller/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by porpeller/iStock / Getty Images

Uncharted Territory 

Because we run in different circles than the typical enterprise executive, and for that matter, the typical VC, our team sees different things, and sees them differently. We pride ourselves in being able to discover non-obvious startup solutions to your stickiest enterprise challenges in the most unexpected places.

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